January 3, 2021

For Holy Name Bulletin January 3, 2021


Hello to Holy Name of Jesus Parish!

We made it through our Christmas masses fine.  Attendance was: 4:00 pm – 82, 10:00 pm – 36, 10:30 am – 48.  Milana Gurt’s flute was a great addition at the 10:00 pm mass Christmas Eve!

We pray God gives us what we need to thrive at Holy Name of Jesus Parish.

From our readings this weekend – The Epiphany of the Lord:

Isaiah 60:  “Rise up in splendor Jerusalem!  Your light has come, the glory of the Lord shines upon you….Raise your eyes and look about; they all gather and come to you…”

Psalm 72:  “All kings shall pay him homage, all nations shall serve him.”

Matthew 2:  “The magi…were overjoyed at seeing the star…. They prostrated themselves and did him homage.”

Peace of Christmas Season & Happy New Year,

Deacon David Southworth, Parish Administrator