February 7, 2021


Hello to Holy Name of Jesus Parish!

What about watching a mass on TV or online, versus going in person?  Is it the same?... Well I think we all know it’s not the same, but it is good if we are not able to physically get to mass due to the virus or other health conditions.  Will people who are watching remotely come back to church after the virus?  We don’t know.  Should a parish try to present their liturgies live or recorded?

There are professionally produced masses on TV and the internet (EWTN, CatholicTV, Chalice of Salvation), but a number of parishes around us also either livestream or put up a recorded mass.  There is a variation in picture and sound quality.

I have thought it was good for Holy Name of Jesus to have livestreamed masses available that are also recorded for later viewing.  Some people like to see their home church services.  But how to do it with limited technical help and dollars?

We just had a BIG BREAKTHROUGH!... By trial and error and study I have worked out, finally, a way to livestream our masses with minimal people help and cost, both to FaceBook (where we will often have 60 contacts) and now to our website:  holynameofjesuschicopee.com!  We use my Iphone on a small stand between the altar and the podium, connected to wifi now in the church, using up to 4 battery powered cordless mics, and going through the website/app Boxcast to go live on FaceBook and our website.  Boxcast subscription costs $99 per month but it is worth it as it accepts an Iphone feed and let’s us simultaneously go live on multiple platforms.  (We are dropping our YouTube channel for the time being)

God is with us everywhere…. But we Catholics particularly believe He is with us in the sacraments.  So if you cannot join us at mass for the time being CHECK OUT OUR LIVESTREAM/RECORDED LITURGIES!

Peace be with you and your family!

Deacon David Southworth, Parish Administrator