August 8, 2021 - Summer prayer Tues nites

PRAYER:  For a summer prayer pick-me-up… try stopping by for our Tuesday night holy hours:  Eucharist exposed from 7 – 8 pm; Chaplet of Divine Mercy at 7:15; Rosary at 7:30 pm!  …. This weekend, August 14/15 is the Feast Day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary… namesake feast for our church.  I’ll be featuring our beautiful mural behind the altar in my homily.

PARISH MAINTENANCE:  We have been collecting buckets of water from a roof leak on the top floor of the Rectory/Parish office.  I had Ray Cassella, the Diocesan architect consultant stop by to look at it.  Good news/Bad news:..... The good news – no asbestos in the rectory roof.  The bad news:.... As he was looking from the rectory roof at the roofs on the church… he noticed shrinking in the membrane roofs on the flat roofs over the sacristy (where priests vest) and transcepts (side areas of church over tabernacle/piano and baptistry).  We are still getting pricing.  He prioritizes fixing the church first as the public is in the church.

Fr Piotr Calik, Vicar General, suggested we distribute picture of front altar from Holy Name of Jesus Church on South St to other parishes in the diocese.  We did and it will be going to Mary Mother of Hope.  Parish property is supposed to follow the parishioners of a closed church as best it can.  Many people from the closed St Patrick’s, St George’s are at Mary Mother of Hope.  Their altar is breaking down.

PARISH ONGOING MISSION/EVANGELIZATION/GROWTH:   I continue to be enthusiastic about a new approach to Faith Formation that will start with the WHOLE parish learning, along side our youth.  With an events-based approach.  More details to follow!

Peace be with you and your family!

Deacon David Southworth, Parish Administrator