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September 4, 2022 Seek God's Wisdom

Posted by David Southworth on 8/31/22

PRAYER:  This week it seems to me… our readings call us to focus on God’s wisdom ….  which is often different from what we would ask for ourselves… Our first reading from Wisdom starts:  “Who can know God’s counsel or who can conceive what the Lord intends?”  We are ... Read More »

August 28, 2022 It pays to be Humble!

Posted by David Southworth on 8/23/22

PRAYER:  Jesus this week teaches:  “… everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, but the one who humbles himself will be exalted.”…. Boy can I get tripped up by this one…. We want to receive our due and recognition, naturally.  But we do well to focus on the destructive ... Read More »

August 21, 2022 Go tell the Good News

Posted by David Southworth on 8/17/22

PRAYER:  We have to remember, folks, that we all want to :”recline at the table in the kingdom of God”… as Jesus teaches in the towns and villages as he makes his way to Jerusalem (to his death).  Jesus says people will come from all over to be connected ... Read More »

August 14, 2022 Eyes fixed on Jesus

Posted by David Southworth on 8/10/22

PRAYER:  “Brothers and sisters:….. let us…. persevere in running the race that lies before us, while keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus…”  This from Paul’s Letter to the Hebrews, our 2nd reading this weekend.  Our readings all speak of the difficulties of life… the difficulties of loving Jesus and ... Read More »

August 7, 2022 Parish can Continue!

Posted by David Southworth on 8/03/22

PRAYER:  Our Responsorial Psalm 33 starts by calling us to glory in our relationship to our God!... “Exult, you just, in the Lord; praise from the upright is fitting.”  We are called to rejoice, be joyful, and now we are also called to exult, an even stronger word!

PARISH ... Read More »

July 31, 2022 God is with us!

Posted by David Southworth on 8/03/22

PRAYER:  Responsorial Psalm this week:  Psalm 90 – “And may the gracious care of the Lord our God be ours; prosper the work of our hands for us!  Prosper the work of our hands!”     We ask God to ‘prosper the work of our hands’ with our parish!