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Oct 3, 2021 - What's Life about?

Posted by David Southworth on 9/29/21

PRAYER:  Why are we here?... What’s life all about?... our readings this Sunday show us that God created us (Book of Genesis), did not want us to be alone and set up loving marriage between men and women.  The Lord wants to bless us and have us see prosperity ... Read More »

Sept 26, 2021 - We have the Spirit!

Posted by David Southworth on 9/22/21

PRAYER:  In our first reading this weekend from the Book of Numbers we see the Lord coming down in the cloud and speaking to Moses.  Then the Lord takes some of the spirit that was on Moses and bestows it on seventy elders… and they prophesied…. Moses says:  “Would ... Read More »

Sept 19, 2021 Roofs and boilers!

Posted by David Southworth on 9/15/21

PRAYER:  Our Responsorial Psalm 54:  “O God, by your name save me, and by your might defend my cause.  O God, hear my prayer; hearken to the words of my mouth…. Behold, God is my helper; the Lord sustains my life.”  And from the Gospel Acclamation:  (2 Thessalonians 2)  ... Read More »

Sept 12, 2021 - New Faith Form Coord

Posted by David Southworth on 9/15/21

PRAYER:  Lord we pray that we have a living faith… an active faith that animates us.  A Faith that sustains us… a faith that gives us joy… a faith that quietly is with us throughout our day!.  Help us to be grounded in our Catholic Faith that is such ... Read More »